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For the home furnishing's industry



iConnect's Business Intelligence Solution(s) provides the average retailer with a comprehensive range of solutions to empower store owners & senior management with actionable information for their businesses starting at $595 - $895 per month


Microsoft AIX -  Profits Systems - Storis​

Read what our furniture clients - Turner Home Furnishings & Ashley Furniture HomeStores - say about how our products increased their retail business and saved them thousands and thousands of dollars, at the end of this page

Retailers who use Business Intelligence, can continually make informed decisions for their business.

Our system takes all of your back-end data ranging from

  • Sales
  • Customer information
  • Inventory
  • And Accounting

Creating an easy to use dashboard where you can create actionable, meaningful & qualified information that is measurable including: 

  • Measure Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s)
  • Monitor & manage every aspect of your business & analyze the performance
  • Measure Sales & Deliveries across the enterprise
  • Measure benchmarks for store, products, vendors
  • Several reports to measure individual sales performance, compare stores, train sales people to be more effective.

Sales Reports – Written Sales, Minimum Expectations, Average Ticket, Delivered Sales, Sales Comparisons, Store Performance, SPG

Warehouse / Crossdock
Cross Dock, Order Management, Prep & Load, Fleet Management, Service Tickets & Repairs

Dispatch / Routing – mobile + web

Delivery & Service, Routing, Scheduling, Dispatching, Prep, Load Out, Returns

Heat Map for customer paths in store, notification to customers on store deals
​Mobile Apps
Business Intelligence, Store Performance, Sales Reports, UP system and any other

Social Media Text Sentiment Analysis

Currently from Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn



  • Helped many retailers replace their existing CSR module
  • We've replaced various Ashley HomeStore licensee locations just because the Ashley version of CSR didn’t do what store owners wanted it to do
  • Can be fully integrated into any POS software any licensee is using.
  • Can be fully integrated into any dispatch program they use or else use our dispatch system, iTrack
  • Create own service tickets and manage
  • Set up own schedules and service techs
  • And more...

your SOLUTION to

manage - compare -track - everything

  • Compare Average tickets,
  • Sales categories,
  • Bedding sales,
  • Accessories
  • Protection sales
  • Retail Store Traffic - UPS at a daily, weekly & monthly levels.
  • AND a lot more....

Shopper Intelligence Analytics (SIA)

Visitor analytics by the day and hour, heat map for store zones, Sales $$ & Visitor count
analytics in real time




  • Track Shopper Footfalls inside the store
  • Count for Visits, repeat visits
  • Shopper Pattern within the store
  • Heat Mapping to show customer density & sales in store
  • zones.
  • Face Recognition and track repeat visits (if camera is
  • used inside the store)*
  • Beacons to bring shoppers into the store (if the store knows the shopper)*

RFID solutions


  • Merchandise Tagging & Tracking at Warehouse & Stores
  •  Employee Tracking at Stores and Warehouse
  • Equipment Tracking
  • Movement tracking of all merchandise, equipment and
  • employees at Store or Company level

MOBILE APPS solutions


  • Business Intelligence
  • Deliveries + Service
  • Prep Load Out
  • Returns
  • Store Managers
  • Owners
  • Merchandising reports
  • Greeter / UP System
  • And More

EDI SERVICES & Solutions


  • Create any EDI required
  • Integrate and get data from any manufacturer / supplier / vendor
  • Have our own EDI system which can work with multiple manufacturers/ suppliers across multiple clients at the same time
  • Do EDI with X12 or XML formats
  • Integrate with our reporting system



  • Customer Service Module provides your CSRs with easier and faster access to the information needed to understand and quickly resolve customers’ problems.
  • CSRs can use the Customer Service Module to create new work orders, modify previously created work orders, complete partial work orders, authorize returns, and refund payments.
  • Customer Service Module even enables CSRs to create, modify, and manage customer profile details such as addresses and contact preferences.
  • A single, highly responsive UI improves efficiency by enabling CSRs to process more transactions per hour or day.
  • A single, highly responsive UI improves efficiency by enabling CSRs to process more transactions per hour or day.
  • Easy access to key functionality enables CSRs to quickly get the information needed to identify and resolve issues.
  • Provide a unified view of customers to give CSRs access to complete customer information and their preferences
  •  Speed response times as well as time-to-resolution



  • Printer not found or cannot print
  • IP address of Printer not found
  • Profits icon missing on desktop
  • User locked in profit / terminate a user on profit
  • Kill user sessions on TS
  • Scan folders & drive mapping on servers
  • Set up server farm and maintain
  • Support Pervasive sql issues
  • User session hanging in profit or AOM or POS
  • Cannot find database connection – error
  • Pop or Exchange email issues
  • Manage data base backups and handle contingency data restoration
  • Set up and manage VPN for office + mobile devices
  • Mobile Device Management (MDM)
  • Manage & support cloud based
  • VOIP phone systems
  • Manage & support Internet set up
  • /lines across stores + warehouse + colocation
  • Web and Web-Based applications
  • Mobile and Infrastructure architecture and support
  • System Integration and Hardware maintenance
  • Customer Relation Management (CRM) and Point-of-Sale O&M
  • Program Management, Consulting and Staff Enhancements
  • Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)
  • Mission Critical Solutions:
    • Mobile Apps for all platforms
    • RFID for management and control of inventory and resources
    • Website development and maintenance
    • Hosting and Colocation support
    • Database design, development, hosting and maintenance
    • Help Desk
    • Cyber Security