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iconnect's staffing solution

The employees of an organization aren’t just an important part of the organization, they are the organization. We owe our own success to the fact that we have excellent people in our team and thus we know how important it is to get the right people for the job. Staffing and recruitment is often one of the hardest aspects of setting up a business. Every business owner knows that the business will only succeed if the people hired are right for the job, not just in terms of qualifications, but experience and skills as well. We know how frustrating it can be to attract the type of people who can become an asset for the organization.


People who empower your organization
Our staffing service allows organizations to grow the right way. An increase in the number of people within the organization for our clients means more people helping the organization reach its goals instead of more people making things harder to manage.

We ensure not only that the people we recommend are qualified but also that they have demonstrable skills and are a good cultural fit for your organization. This is what sets us apart!

Every organization has its own way of working. You can transfer an experienced and successful person to a new organization where work culture is different and they will fail due to a lack of congruence.

​We study your organization first and then find the perfect people to be added to its workforce.

Permanent Staffing Solutions

​We find people who will become a long term asset for your company.  We provide a 2-month guarantee for all the people we recruit for you. The purpose of these two months is to ensure that our clients have people who are able to perform up to the mark in their organization. A standard 25 percent placement fee is applicable but there are many other arrangements available with flexible fee structures for multiple engagements.

Temporary staffing solutions

​Temporary placements are for organizations that need people for short term projects or organizations that have a key employee going on leaves for any reason whatsoever. Our temporary placement lasts for 120 business days and there are no additional fees. We also have flexible solutions available for multiple engagements.

Contract Placement solutions

With contract labor, you only have to pay for the hours you need the work to be completed in. Our contract labor is excellent for organizations that have a flexible employee structure. A common type of clients we have are companies that expand only for projects and keep a small core team to ensure no downsizing is ever required. We handle taxes, unemployment insurance, payroll, worker’s compensation, etc., and you only need to pay the hourly rates agreed upon.

We also have other bespoke solutions for organizations in need. Get in touch with us and let us know what are your organization’s needs, and we will create a tailored plan to cater to those needs. We have clients of all sizes and will be able to provide the resources you need.