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iConnect’s retail solution provides you an empowered way to run your business in a more efficient manner. Gone are the days when you just ordered things and hoped your predictions were correct. With iConnect’s retail solution you will always know how much inventory you have and how much you need to order to keep up with the demand.

​Our retail solution is the perfect combination of technology for retail owners and managers. It provides you with the business intelligence that you need in order to become a leaner and more profitable retail operation.
Our solution is driven by data. It collects all the information and analyzes it to provide you insights which can help you leave the competition behind.

Knowledge is Power

  • Fully customizable reportsbased off your specific needs
  • ​Know your winners – Spot winners & losers Improve gross margin and profitability
  • Auto move losers to watch list
  • Reward high gross margin sales items/salespeople
  • Target market existing customers (D-Base for marketing)
  • Tracking Sales Incentive Programs
  • Full social media analytics integration​
  • Source of Leads. Why people are coming to your store/website (Up system)
  • Percentage of Browsers Converted into Buyers. Integrate web products/analytics
  • Want to know the average time spent with a customer – shopper analytics – time stamps
  • Top sales performers
  • Full price vs. discounted price analytics

easy to use tools

Data turns into intelligence only when it is processed and presented in a manner that helps you make business decisions. iConnect’s retail solution comes with pre-configured dashboards that tell you the real story about your retail operation. The dashboards are divided by different functions so you can keep track of all aspects of the retail operation. This includes customer service management, warehousing, dispatching, sales, inventory, and much more. It is truly a complete retail solution.

With iConnect’s retail solution you get insights which allow you to make better decisions by providing you real time data. Your employees will be more productive and your inventory will be better. You will also be able to better manage your employee scheduling and will be able to make sure that there are no uncovered shifts.

Our retail solution has been made to benefit your retails operation in all manners. It combines data to provide you insights for all aspects of your business. An advantage of this is that you will not have to manage multiple databases and pieces of information separately; our solution will do it all in one place.

Our retail solution empowers your employees to make better decisions that benefit your organization. The empowerment is taken even further by the mobile capabilities of our solution. Your employees will be able to foresee problems from any mobile device and will be able to react swiftly to ensure that it is nipped in the bud.

powerful ORGANIZATION features

Our retail solution manages to make your organization more powerful through features such as:

  • It generates sales reports automatically so you can instantly see how your company is going
  • It manages customer relations. This includes keeping a door count, providing Sales Person UPS as well as support for SPG.
  • It empowers your warehouse through warehouse management, prep & load, helps with fleet management, and even generates service and repair tickets.
  • Provides you better merchandising options through floor allocation, alerting you about best sellers, plus tells you the difference between available and ordered inventory.
  • Helps dispatch through better delivery management, scheduling, routing, and provides support for last minute deliveries.
  • Allows your retail operations to have better customer service through customer receipts, delivery notifications, and automated pre-calling.

crm solutions

Customer Relation Management
Manage customer info
Connect with customers via email + text messaging
Do phone surveys
Automated calling for deliveries & service
Survey for NPS
Marketing campaigns
​And much more

Business Management & Intelligence

  • HELP Desk & IT Support
  • Credit Card Processing
  • EDI
  • Heat Map Beacons
  • Mobile Apps Development & Integration
  • Social Media Analysis Facebook - Twitter - Delicious - Instagram - LinkedIn -Pinterest Integration
  • RFID auto scanning &
  • Shopper/Visitor Intelligence
  • Systems Integration


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