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we BELIEVE knowledge is power

​Turn shopper behaviors into customers

Our Shopper's Intelligence Analytics helps your business to fully understand consumer behavior and effectively turn shoppers into your customers With iConnect’s Shopper Intelligence Analytics, you can observe what happens inside your store or the mall itself. You can gain a better understanding of where your customers go and where they stay, and therefore use the data to craft effective marketing campaigns, develop engaging store displays, plan staffing and product offerings, and much more!

Get Answers to your Most Common Questions

  • Which zones attract the most number of shoppers?
  • How good are you at effectively drawing in shoppers into your store?
  • How often do the shoppers visit your store, and how long do they stay for?
  • How skilled is your staff at interacting with the shoppers?
  • How well is your queue managed?

The Shopper's Intelligence Analytics proprietary technology is capable of automatically detecting the presence as well as the location of shoppers & your employees inside your store along with nearby areas surrounding your store. It does so by sensing Wi-Fi probe requests sent by mobile devices when they are scanning for available Wi-Fi networks.

  • NO personal information of either the shoppers or the employees are collected
  • NO need to install any application on shoppers’ smart phones
  • Wireless detectors are extremely cost effective
  • Accuracy of Location is approximately 10-feet

We strictly adhere to industry standards and privacy regulations


Zone Traffic
Gain an understanding of how shoppers move about in your store, where they linger and what they purchase.

Queue Management
Find out how many shoppers leave your store without buying to reduce queue abandonment rates.

Dwell Time
Find out whether the shoppers are spending the correct amount of time in the right areas of your store.

Increase customer loyalty and transform first-time buyers into repeat customers by getting to them better.

Sales Intercept
Find out whether your employees are engage shoppers at key locations in the store to enhance conversion rates and transaction size.

our feature rich Web Back-End platform Provides Ultimate Control

We offer a feature rich administrative back-end that would empower you to have a full semblance of control over each aspect of iConnect’s Shopper Intelligence Analytics. The web-based back-end can:

  • Maintain multiple stores, multiple sites, multiple zones per store and multiple floor plans per site
  • Carry out automatic devices classification
  • Implement hierarchy client model support
  • Offer real-time analytics and reports

installation, MANAGEMENT & service is all built in to the platform

Our qualified technicians can implement your Shopper Intelligence Analytics by carrying out the necessary steps and hand over to you a fully functioning Shopper Intelligence Analytic System in a matter of hours.

That’s not all – we will also provide you with required training and service  to help you understand how you can unleash the power of your Shopper Intelligence Analytics and use it to your advantage.