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Real Time Tracking SOLUTIONS​


Real Time Tracking Solutions

Provides real-time visibility into your mobile field operation with ability to handle exceptions.

  • GPS updates
  • Real-time status and ETA
  • Exception Alerts
  • Fully integrated with iTrack Dispatch System
  • And More

Route Optimization SOLUTIONS​


Route Optimization Solutions​

  • ​Creating those fuel-efficient routes manually can take a lot of time, especially if you have a large fleet.
  • State-of-the-art route optimizer can create optimized routes for the entire fleet in just a few minutes.​
  • Create routes manually or automate it, this system can do it all
  • Fully integrated with iTrack Dispatch Syste

Communication SOLUTIONS​


Communication Solutions​

Automated calls, emails and text messages to the customers with their delivery schedules.

Customers can track their deliveries online.

Communicate with your trucks while on the road through the mobile apps

Mobile & Web apps SOLUTIONS​


Mobile & Web Apps Solutions

iTrack apps on App Store (iOS) and PlayStore (Android)

Any mobile device on these platforms can install and operate the apps so that you can maximize your savings by working with the same mobile retailers that you already have relationships with

Real Time Integration with any third party SOLUTIONS


Real Time Integration with Any Third Party Solutions

Real time integration to send or receive data that lets you enter data once.
Results in lesser time, fewer manual errors and improved data integrity.
Integrate with any third party system, be it a TMS or WMS or Financing application or any CMS.

Data is handled in all standard formats including CSV, XML, EDI

Warehouse management solutions


Warehouse Management Solutions

​Inventory coming in or going out can be tracked all the way from the time it arrives all the way up to delivering it to customers.
Our system provides an easy-to-use elegant solution that is integrated with any third party solution.

Tracks inventory all the way from the arrival, Receiving, Cross Dock, Pick and Load Out to Delivery.

Capture any damages with pictures.

Pick list with bar codes for easy identification
Generate bar codes

Billing/Invoice solutions


Billing Solutions

For 3PL and retailers who work with the 3PL providers, takes care of billing.
System generates the revenues and settlements automatically based on established algorithms.

Easy to use reports readily exportable to excel