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Any good GPS management system can collect a lot of data. It’s the presentation of the data that makes the difference.

. iTrack’s customization reporting features make it easy to organize information in a way that meets your unique needs.


You can use our summary reports to analyze long-term trends and identify opportunities for improvement in performance.

Our web-based software dashboard provides a summary view of vehicle location and more. One click of a button gives you instant access to detailed vehicle information that helps to reduce operational costs, enhance customer service, and improve the performance.

We can help you manage the location(s) of your vehicles with our online tracking maps. Our intuitive, easy-to-read maps provide information and insights that help you make daily routing decisions that reduce fuel usage, speed up response times, and improve customer service.

“Big Data” Information Management

Our core area of expertise is in Information Management helping clients derive value from processing “Big Data” or massively large sets of digital or paper information., creating customized "Easy To Use" business intelligence solutions to grow your business, quickly and efficiently.

We have extensive experience with data management integrating information (structured and unstructured) from disparate systems, digital records or paper records, into a unified data business intelligence solution.

All of this is available to you starting at $595.00 - $895.00 per month*.