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Home Furnishing

At iConnect we know that when your customers approach you for their home furnishing needs, they are not just asking you for a product or just furniture, they are asking you to help them design their homes. It’s the most important space in their life thus needs to be beautiful, functional, affordable and comfortable. Our technology solutions help you deliver your customer expectations.

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Small Business & Retail

Small Businesses are often exposed to dynamic market trends and new technology practices that are critical to their survival and growth. An in-house full capable technology infrastructure is both expensive and unrelated to their core functions. iConnect partners with you to deliver customized technology solutions designed to deliver business growth.

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Welcome to Commercial IT Solutions

Business disruption is a common sight. Whatever your size be, constant innovation is the key to survival. By identifying the catalyst of disruption and realigning business models periodically, it will be possible to lead the wave of disruption, not drown in it. We help your business to integrate with smart applications and create a road-map to digital transformation.
Our solutions are driven by the need to ensure your business deliver on their growth objective and not falter due to inadequate technology infrastructure. iConnect has developed deep understanding of small business from its 13 years of partnerships with multiple businesses. We have developed and implemented customized technology solutions meant to ensure your business are at an advantage due to changing industry trends and customer preferences.

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