Artificial Intelligence

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Artificial Intelligence

Disruption is the buzz word and all businesses including small business and retail is experiencing a sea of change. Established set-ups are moving from traditional brick and motor models to online platforms and new age online start ups are counting on Omni channel experience as their next big move.

Rapid changes in the environment and the fast changing preference of highly involved buyers are forcing new trends in the industry. The key to riding the wave of disruption and digital transformation would be adoption of business strategy deeply engrained in advanced analytics, machine learning and robotics.

The use of artificial intelligence in retail will drive faster business decisions in marketing, e-ommerce, product management and other areas of the business by helping close the gap from insights to action. Whether your goal is to optimize your supply chain, use existing data to increase conversion, or customize shopping experiences with predictive modeling and micro-targeting/pricing, AI can help you meet your challenge.

Our AI solution is designed to provide you deep insights through the use of advanced analytics and machine learning. AI will help you achieve key business goals in today fast changing landscape: profit maximization, business reach and growth. We identify perfect user case of your business and work on augmented basis with your team to deliver AI solution suited and customized for your need.

What We Do

Machine Learning

Machine learning techniques are powerful to solve your classic business problem through predictive analytics. Decipher complex customer data and deliver simple solutions focused on customer preferences.

Digital Virtual Agents

AI powered digital assistant or ‘chatbots’ as we know them interact with your customers, interpret their behavior and are designed to deliver information or attend to customer service requests in the most efficient manner.

Image Processing

Our Image processing solutions utilize futuristic technology to create high-tech visual applications which have the ability to acquire, analyze, and synthesize images and identify patterns in them.

Knowledge Virtualization

Our AI tools help you create robust knowledge virtualization systems, which help the businesses increase flexibility and scalability while creating significant cost savings.

Robotic Process Automation

RPA helps in automatically updating critical functions of your business: inventories, sales analytics, balance sheets and other financial reports. Improves operational and technical efficiency.

Decision Management

AI- based business decision is accurate and void of bias. Our AI assisted decision management platform is developed on reliable algorithmic and predictive systems.

Our Services


Our team of expert’s acts on an identified development areas and develop AI assisted solutions based reliable algorithm and predictive analytics


We understand businesses are unique and so are solutions. Our solutions are designed and customized to meet your unique business needs.


We succeed only when you do. Our AI support team is available round the clock to attend to your business and ensure solutions designed and delivered by us are up and running.


The solutions we create for your business can be integrated to all POS platforms or you can also use a customized, cross-functional integrated technology platform designed and created for your business.


The most critical part in creating successful solution is the implementation. Our team ensures AI solutions created are simple to implement and your team understands its criticality and usage.

Strategy and Consulting

Our AI consulting division use their robust experience and exposure to understands your business and identify user cases that can be taken up to implement solutions based on AI and machine learning which has direct impact on ROI.

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