Business Intelligence

Power tool for intelligent and informed business decisions

Business Intelligence

Businesses everywhere operate at jet speed and valuable time lost could mean irrecoverable loss. It’s critical for your business to have intelligent tools that are capable of timely and informed business decisions irrespective of mix of platforms, applications, or infrastructure environments.

Successful Business Intelligence tools needs to be modular, scalable, and flexible to easily deploy or integrate to multiple environments. BI tools access and analyze data sets and are capable of presenting analytical findings in the form of reports, summaries, dashboards, graphs, charts and maps to provide users with detailed intelligence about the state of the business.

Our Business intelligence leverages software and services to transform data into actionable intelligence that supports strategic and tactical business decision making. We help you build competitive advantage with our BI tools by examining data to understand trends and derive insights. In your efforts to drive higher market share, you don’t need just another BI tool or BI provider; you need a true partner.

At iConnect we partner with you for all your business solutions and work together to deliver results at important milestone. Create a distinct and strategic business differentiator leading to smarter moves driving growth and profitability in today’s dynamic and ever changing business landscape.

Reporting and Analytics Inside Your App

Make your business applications efficient and visually appealing with our smart dashboards, analytics driven reports and interactive web based business intelligence platform.

Reporting Software

Create multiple periodic MIS which can track and monitor your business performance or produce customized dashboards and analytics reports using our intelligent reporting software.

AWS Reporting Solution

Our cloud based reporting solution is available on Amazon Web Services marketplace. It’s easy to use and quick to deploy.

Reporting and Analytics for Your Business

IConnect’s web based and cost effective BI solution package supports users with quick decision making on both strategic and tactical business fronts through self-service reports, dashboards and analysis.

Big Data Business Intelligence

Gets access to our integrated platform for advanced analytics for big data with BI systems and realize full return on your investment. BI systems’ effective dashboards and performance reports is critical in making advanced analytics deliver.

Mobile BI Tools

Access dashboards and reports and regularly monitor your business performance with the convenience of your mobile or tabs. Also create new reports or customized data set.

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