Smart Chatbots

AI-driven chatbots as virtual agents offer increased productivity to businesses. Though bots are no match to the human-touch but they add significant value in terms of being available 24/7, respond to monotonous queries without complaining and perform tedious jobs in least time.

Chatbots never forget things but humans do! The bots can be trained to act as the first point of contact for your business. The more complex queries can be forwarded to the live agents for next-level of assistance. This allows you to reduce the operational cost of helpdesk staff.

iConnect offers artificial-intelligence-powered smart chatbots to deliver automated IT support, e-commerce guidance, content and interactive experiences through the messaging platform. Leveraging the cloud computing, deep learning technologies, automatic speech recognition and natural language processing, our smart assistants can provide engaging conversational experiences through voice and text that is customizable and used on a variety of devices, platforms and web browsers.

Automate your IT Helpdesk

Resolve IT service requests on demand and provide self-service capabilities to users; such as unlocking user accounts, updating access privileges, answer customer questions, organize service tickets, and find the right live rep to solve the big problems while leveraging the knowledge base. The smart bot can offer personalized user-experience through knowledge gathered from their previous interactions.

Virtual Assistant

Our chatbots can aid your team’s collaboration through ChatOps. They can be modified to work with key plugins and scripts, and can perform routine tasks or action tasks that are hard to trigger automatically. Our AI-driven smart assistants can converse with each other, allowing one to initiate conversations with other bots, schedule meetings, trigger custom actions, email reports and more.


Customer relations with transparent communication ...

iConnect solutions can help you get there.