iText – Smart Messaging for Businesses

A comprehensive business texting software that makes sure that you run your business wherever you go. Connect, Collaborate, Convey your message, weherever you go!
A one-stop solution that ensures you find all your business conversations, client messages, invoices, bills, reminders, all within the reach of your phone. Smart chatbots initiating conversational texts with human touch, give a boost to your inbound and outbound sales conversions.
Seamless connection across your workstation, laptops and mobile devices help you stay connected. Convert more leads into sales, with near real-time insight into the business development process. Monitor conversations of your customer care staff and/or sales people. Guide your team through the business processes and sales conversion cycle.
Monitor your brand identity through web traffic analysis, sentiment analysis, social media stats, and more. Collect voice of customers through integrated surveys and create valuable insights for improvements.

Get paid by a click … Isn’t it too simple?

Business Statistics for Sucess

See the performance of your sales teams in terms of lead-to-sales conversion rates. Define and capture Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) in near real time to make sure you stay on top of your business.

Voice of Customer

Integrate with your customer experience stacks such as SurveyMonkey, MailChimp, Salesforce, and more. Create outreach campaigns to build deeper relationships. Develop insight into the customers’ expectations.

No-Contact Payment?

Worried about the social distancing, but need payment? Just integrate the payment link into a message. Your client will simply click on the payment link embedded in the message; the system takes care of the rest.

Collaborate to Excel

Build your team, assign roles to your sales staff, and talk privately as required. Collaboration tools ensure increased visibility and control over conversation and data. Nurture your brand image with a unified voice.

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Convert the Leads into Sales

iText helps you to reach out to your potential customers in the way they prefer, be it an SMS received on their phone as they visit your website, or sending offers, updates or discount coupons via SMS, to a list of subscribers. iText allows embedding calls to action (CTA) on your printed and digital marketing materials to invite people to text in to your number for subscribing to your marketing offers and/or newsletters from your business.
iText bots are smart with inbuilt texting etiquette. Custom business rules with sentiment analysis, help to build the credibility to your prospect with the right strategy; i.e. what to text and how frequently to text. This will ensure your customer would like to continue receiving your communication.

Understand the Sentiments of your Customers

Monitor the conversations between your sales/support teams and the customers to create a better customer experience. Track accurate sentiments using our Proprietary Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning Algorithms. Send survey links to your customers through SMS, to seek additional feedback for improvements.
iText leverages social media data and analyze conversations about brand, competition, products and marketing campaigns in real time from all leading social media platforms, public sources and private sources, and converts them into industry-specific actionable insights and leads. Advanced algorithms help you understand and act in real time on the gazillions of conversations by your stakeholders/audience. Get access to multiple sentiments for each brand post that cover different features about the brand.

Receive Payment by a Click!

Embed payment link in an email, SMS, tweets, chatbot etc. and get paid instantly. Brand invoices and estimates with your company logo, itemize your items and other information, and integrate into the message as a secure link. Specify the payment mode such as credit cards, debit cards, e-checks or anything based on your preference. Not only payments but refunds can also be processed using the SMS. The customers get the convenience that increases the brand loyalty.

Chatbots – The Smart agents with human touch

Chatbots strategically fit between live customer communications and static website content or say between messaging and business modules, thereby reducing the outreach/support costs where users can be directed to specific FAQ’s. The bots can address standard queries of the visitors, help them with mundane tasks such account password reset and/or route them to the various business modules, thereby increasing customer engagement and customer experience. Automated routing rules ensure that the bots distribute the tickets to the most suitable agent to handle the specialized queries, in right time, increasing credibility.

Video Calls

Now work from anywhere as you stay connected, always!
Drive deeper connections with your customers with integrated video calls. Schedule your team meetings and review calls over iText. Subscribe to receive notifications for any change in the project/repository, new visitor, escalations and more. Unleash the true potential of your team with the collaboration features such as whiteboards, calendar, podcast, and more.
iText supports various audio/video streaming formats such as dual-stream live streaming, one-to-one voice chat, one-to-many voice conversation, Co-hosting, and more. Audio/Video Recording and Archiving feature help to build a knowledge-base for future reference, while meeting various legal and compliance needs.

All Conversations at One Place!

All emails, conversations, notifications are stored in one central conversation inbox. The team members can view the inbox, work on unassigned conversations, reply to a thread, open a service ticket or take custom actions. The content can be tagged based on projects, campaigns, geographies, or any additional metadata relevant to your business.
The support manager has a 360-degree customer view with various customer service KPIs and metrics available on service dashboards. The manager can view the support chat or video conversation in real-time, and leverage the data for training and quality assurance purposes. Implement a knowledge base and improve productivity of your staff, as all the customers’ issues, conversations, resolution approach … everything is already available in a common repository. Search through keywords and intuitive filters. Apply retention/archival rules based on your convenience.

Drive your business with:

  • Interactive bots facilitating chat
  • SMS Marketing
  • Integration with business apps
  • Customer Profiling
  • Customer Sentiment Analysis
  • And Many More.

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