What is iVantage360?

Data is the most valuable commodity in the 21st century. iVantage360 is a full-featured, web-based, AI-driven POS solution, empowering retailers with Data, Technology & Processes. iVantage360 unleashes the power of AI to gather and analyze huge amounts of customer data, deriving valuable insights for better decisions. Integrated automation gives real-time data processing capability from multiple touch-points.

A pre-integrated omnichannel suite that facilitates full control and understanding of sales functions on all channels along with integrated inventory tracking, supplier management, CRM, accounting, and more. AI-driven automation & cognitive intelligence captures, analyzes and delivers valuable facts and figures that would improve operations, increase in-store engagement and positively impact the bottom line.

A mobile-friendly, responsive POS platform that seamlessly integrates with your retail systems enabling your sales staff to help the customers across floors or from the ease of their home. An integrated solution with all information just clicks-away! Check for information such as prices, available inventory, delivery lead time, discounts, sales receipts, customer sales history, and more.



Get a 360 degree view of your business. No retail IT staff required. Cloud-based solution provides access to data anytime, anywhere.

Point of Sale with Value Added Customization

A comprehensive, modular and integrated Point of Sale Solution that can perform various sales tasks; and is customizable to your unique business needs.

Guest Counting using Facial Recognition

Use facial recognition to count visitors. Track all repeat visitors or buyers who have visited your stores before to better plan how you will want to deal with them.

Warehouse & Inventory Management

Increased operational efficiency with real-time inventory-levels and integrated warehouse management with tailored inventory planning, automated storage & retrieval systems.

Automated Allocation and Replenishment

Drive competitive advantage through automated inventory allocation, manufacturing planning, purchase order, shipment scheduling and more, based on prediction.

Delivery Routing & Management

An efficient dispatch and delivery through last-mile delivery route optimization. Real-Time dynamic routing capability combined with map data to provide optimal routes.

Marketing Campaign Tracking

Insight into brand performance through web and social media analytics, sentiment analysis, traffic analytics, conversion tracking,  and more, during and after the marketing campaign.

Customer Relationship Management

Manage contacts and interactions with existing customers as well as potential customers and leads. Integrated with ERP, sales, and helpdesk functions delivering greater customer value.

Customer Service & Reputation Management

Your helpdesk is enabled with valuable insight, vital learnings, resolution options with human touch, so that the customers feel like being heard, regarded and responded with loyalty and trust.

Integrated Notifications using SMS and Email

Get notified for critical issues / concerns or automated actions such as purchase order placed, low inventory, shipment delivery, and more, though SMS, email or IVR… the way you prefer!

Business Intelligence and Reporting

Actionable insights into sales performance, predicting demand, influencing customer behavior, targeted marketing campaigns, tapping into new customer base, brand strategy, decision support, and more.

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Why iVantage360?

  • Work on the Business, Not in it!
  • Cloud-based; No costly servers or software
  • Mobile & tablet enabled
  • Automated & efficient processes means less overhead
  • Real-time reporting
  • Stay ahead of the constant-changing digital demands
  • Integrate with any 3rd party application via API
  • Full EDI capabilities
  • Automate redundant processes
  • Reduce labor cost while improving productivity
  • 24 / 7 / 365 support
  • Cutting-edge technology
  • Customize your system without spending a Fortune
  • Information is power
  • Grow you bottom-line
  • And many more…

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