Smart Messaging Solutions

Experience world class messaging with iConnect’s advance business solutions that make SMS integrated in business workflows. Our SMS platform enables you to easily integrate with Business APIs and harness the power of SMS as a medium to communicate with you customers.

The inbuilt essential features include: Phone Numbers and Short Codes, MMS, Phone Number Lookup, Reroute, Carrier Route Optimization, Sticky Sender, Message Concatenation, Message Queueing, Support for standard character set etc..

Code in the language you know to programmatically send messages. Leverage helper libraries, monitoring and debugging tools, documentation in your language, and even a serverless environment to host your code.

APIs that handle intricacies of global communications, best practices like user segmentation, two-factorauthentication, multi-channel messaging, alerts, phone verification, number masking, message delivery intelligence, privacy and more.

One Solution, Limitless Opportunities

  • • We reach 150+ countries and almost every network mobile carrier globally, to offer you 99.999% success rates.
  • • Programmable Wireless allows you to add voice, data and SMS capabilities to your IoT devices.
  • • Readily available REST APIs and standard interfaces allows you to connect with SIP interface, PSTN connections.
  • • Configure emotionally-intelligent chatbots that will interact with your customers.
  • • Easy integration with leading IDAM solutions, two factor authentication, SSL means your data is safe, Always!

How Can Our Messaging Framework Help You?

Extensible API Framework

An extensible, full-featured messaging framework that embeds into everything you need. Integrate SMS, MMS, Voice and Video into mobile apps, websites, desktop application and more. Easily customizable SDK gives you full control over your data.

Cross-Channel Messaging

Engage with your customers, the way you want! Leverage the communication touchpoints that suits you. Configure push notifications, SMS, in-app messages, emails etc. We help you in cross-channel marketing, collaboration and more.

Interactive User-Experience

User Experience is the value, we offer to our clients. Our messaging APIs are built with consistent structure and documented conventions means you can extend the APIs, implement your codes, trigger custom actions, with minimal efforts.

Crucial Analytics & Insights

Analyze delivery statistics, performance of your campaigns, sales conversions and various metrics that you consider relevant for you business. Leverage advaced features like Link Tracking, Subscriber Profiling, Trends, Messaging Automation and more.

Customer relations with transparent communication ...

iConnect solutions can help you get there.