Social Media Analytics

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Social Media Analytics

What social media analytics are you measuring and what should you be measuring in your social media tracking? Monitoring your social media analytics can make the difference between the success and failure of your social media presence. Don’t just measure your business against anyone or any random parameter. You need in-depth analysis of a set of elements that has direct influence and implications on your business, including audience, content, engagement trends, and beyond.

Our solutions are focused on helping you understand and act in real time on the gazillions of conversations by your stakeholders/audience. It is an engagement and social media listening platform that collects and analyses conversations about brand, competition, products and campaigns in real time from public sources and private sources, and converts them into industry-specific actionable insights and leads.

Large volumes of unstructured conversations is collected using our proprietary automated robots / crawlers, third party APIs, authorized data providers & covers platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest and millions of other social networking sites, blogs, review sites, Q&A sites , discussion forums, news sites, video and image sharing sites, classifieds sites, social bookmarking sites

Make sure your brand is built on strong platform guided by pure customer preference. Cut through the noise with fast, impactful analytics and ensure your social media efforts are well received by the audience it is intended to. With a large volume of posts indicating purchase intent, your business can better anticipate product demand and prepare inventory.

See your social media performance in real time with iconnect Analytics

Implement an effective social media strategy

For a successful social media strategy we help you develop a goal with a measurable objective. Know who your customer based on multiple parameters and choose right channels to reach them with our expert advice. Develop your social media content focused on customer engagement and their unique preferences.

Sentiment Analysis

Track accurate sentiments associated to each brand post using our Proprietary Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning Algorithms. Get access to multiple sentiments for each brand post that covers different features about the brand like: Products and Services, Product features, Service features and Competition.

Real time dashboard

Our social listening tools helps users generate actionable insights via: Real time dashboards with customizable interactive graphs, with ability to easily filter graphs based on demographics, influence, and sentiment and time period. Drill down to actual stakeholder posts. User specific personalized dashboards – ability to work independently and share with other team members and a thorough sentiment analysis feature

Real Time alerts

Get Real Time Alerts via email Create multiple alerts for unique causes (per your business requirement) Direct specific alert types to appropriate team members .For example, mentions from news sites with your Corporate Communications team and customer complaints & queries alerts to your social media/ CRM team.

We collect large volumes of unstructured conversations in real time using our proprietary automated robots / crawlers, third party APIs, authorized data providers & Coverage includes:

Customer relations with transparent communication ...

iConnect solutions can help you get there.