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What is Visilytics?

Knowing your customers closely equips you with the power to transform your business and scale new heights. Visilytics is our solution for home furniture retail industry that takes you closer to your customers. IConnect visilytics tool is a unique offering in the field of visual analytics. It involves using advanced camera technology to create visitor impressions, accurate visitor counts, merchandising hotspots and more for home furnishing retail stores.
Visilytics creates actionable data you can use instantly to improve your sales, merchandising, and marketing and overall business performance. Create preferred customer dashboard with clear insights of your best customer’s persona, acquire and retain them.

Get Real Time Data on Your Store Traffic And Improve Your Business

Visitor Count

Create ability to see real visitor counts, number of buying groups and eliminating sales people and staff from the count to make it accurate.

Demographics of People

Get visibility into data by Gender and Age group of the people who visit your store and their behavioral patterns to make informed decisions

Repeat Visitors / Buyers

Track all repeat visitors or buyers who have visited your stores before to better plan how you will want to deal with them

Heat Map

Know where customers move within, optimize store layout and strategize about where to place popular vs. unpopular and expensive vs. cheap merchandise.

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Turn These Knowledge into Profits

Identify growth zones in your product mix and create business engagement focused on preferred and profitable customer base.

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How It Works – The Technology

High res camera with WDR and intelligent sensing and imaging mechanisms is placed within store to detect shopper’s movement. Additional standard IP zoom camera is also stationed with the sole purpose of recording continuous video of everyone walking in. Iconnect proprietary technology analyses image and video files, using uniquely developed algorithm to determine if each subject is male or female, adult or child, walking in alone or in a group of two, three or more.
Multiple algorithms work simultaneously on face detection and detect faces to identify repeat visits to the store within a span of 90 days. The system has in its memory 80 different measures of algorithms, which compare face pictures to suggest if a person walked into the store. Facial recognition & comparisons is done with pictures stored in the database against previous visits and then it creates the metrics for reporting and analytics.

Get Insight On

  • Visitors Count
  • Eliminate Sales people from the count
  • Demographic of Visitors
  • Repeat Visitors/Buyers
  • Heat Maps
  • And Many More.

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